1. L

    Wanted 13BT Pistons needed, at least one.

    Hello Mudders, I am looking for a set of 13BT pistons, but would be happy to find a single serviceable one. I have looked in Australia but the suppliers are back ordered. If you have a set or a single please PM me! I am trying to get my BJ74 up and running.
  2. Cob

    BJ73 radiator part number

    Hi, I am looking to replace the radiator on my BJ73 with 3b motor and can't seem to get right part number or find the right radiator the one I always find has the inlet and outlet on the wrong side they both need to be on the left and no radiator cap either.
  3. Cob

    BJ73 import 13bt conversion

    Hi, I'm about to do a 13bt import conversion to my 1990 bj73 and I was wondering if any one had done this conversion on a RHD bj73 that could give me some guidance like do's and don'ts parts ill need to order really any info from experience would be great. Cheers, Cob
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