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    Winch install in stock 200 series bumper?

    I believe Jason subs out the powder coating they didn't do a good job on yours that shouldn't have happened but his winch mount is spot on and well done.
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    rear spoiler removal

    Send me a PM @TexAZ I may not put mine back on. I finally got around to removing it this past weekend and am taking it to a detail guy this afternoon to buff the area underneath where the spoiler was. If it cleans up to my satisfaction I may not put it back on. I'll say what a bear to remove it...
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    LC 200 mods

    Thanks the water tanks came out great and will come in handy on future trips. We made a pair of them for the trip. Mine will hold 5 gallons and Scott's holds a little more than that 6/7 gallons. Unfortunately the cool temps in Arkansas and being under the canopy a lot of the time the temps never...
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    LC 200 mods

    I needed my drawers finished for the Big Bend trip that got cancelled and turned into the Corona Escape trip I took with Scott. Here is the finished product of the drawers modeled after KISS drawer system using 8020 aluminum frame, skinned with furniture ply that Jude helped me with and covered...
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    What have you done to your 200 Series this week?

    Looks good, I bought the Frontrunner mount and purchased a second green jerry can like yours but the seam on the tank is flared out instead of inset like my red can so it wouldn't lay flat in the mount. I didn't have time to return the green can and order another one but it doesn't work well...
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    200 series picture thread

    We did some of it Mon/Tuesday, but the water levels was very high in parts. We ran it back in April two years ago with no problems.
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    200 series picture thread

    Our Big Bend trip got cancelled with damn corona business, a friend and I did a #coronaescape trip 1400 miles to the High Water Mark Trail to the Trans American Trail across Arkansas and down the Natchez Trace was just what the soul needed 👌 social distancing at its best 🍻
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    Now that Apocalypse is on... Where do you take your 200?

    Headed to Big Bend Monday :cool:
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    KISS Drawers (Keep It Simple Storage) for 200s

    A vote for the KISS system after all the Amazon orders for materials and the doing a one off version myself I kept telling myself I should have just ordered the kit and saved myself a bunch of time. I was leaving for a trip and couldn't wait but I certainly didn't save any time or money doing it...
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    Oil change then cold start rattle 3 days in a row.

    Very helpful info thanks for sharing gents. I have been getting intermittent clatter on cold start and occasionally on idle I have a 155K on my 08 model. I'm about to change the oil this weekend I've been using the Rotella 5W-30 with oem filter to see if it would help but no real change. I'm...
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    200 series picture thread

    Nice 👍 👍 would have been cool to drink a beer with ya. I'll be there in 2 weeks with a group of 5 LC's 3x80, 1x100 and 1x200.
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    8th Annual Mardi Krawl, ****POSTPONED to Sept 3-6****

    I hope you get a big crowd @Bang Bang for all the hard work you all put into a great event. I had a brief window between family functions and my youngest birthday and graduation activities so I used it for the Big Bend trip or I would have made it.
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    BSLCA BS... ie.. local chat..

    Good to see you drop in Marty, same here on my password same one since 2006 I keep is simple 👍 the 100 giving you tranny issues? Did you try changing the filter and fluid yet? One good thing you don't hear much is trans failures on the 80/100 or 200.
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    BSLCA BS... ie.. local chat..

    We'll have to plan it bud :cheers:
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    What have you done to your 200 Series this week?

    I bet some stainless 6mmx1.0x15 would work to replace those for you. I keep an assortment of stainless 6 & 8mm in 10/15/20/25 lengths in my shop for replacing old bolts on my cruisers and Toys.
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