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    Wanted  1985 2L Injector

    Need a new injector for a 1985 2L LN56. Should be Toyota part number 23600-59025, although the housing from a 23600-59035 might also work.
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    1985 2L - Mismatched Injectors

    Hi All, Got a quandary for you, any wisdom much appreciated! I pulled the injectors out of my 1985 2L LN56 during a rebuild (full thread forthcoming, it's been a journey) and discovered that one of the injectors is mismatched, see pics below. I didn't think anything of it until I was about to...
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    1985 Toyota Hilux 2LT Rebuild and Upgrade

    Thanks for posting premirrider! Will be following your project for sure. I've been working on the same engine (sans turbo) in my 85 Toyota pickup. Pulled the head two weeks ago and whaddaya know: cracks between each and every pair of valve seats, and plenty of vertical scoring in cylinder 3...
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