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    The Daily Chat Thread

    Seems like a pretty decent price to me
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    For Sale  Boston, MA: Pair of black heated seat switches, would fit into 80-series LCs

    Acquired another pair of black heated seat switches for sale, all positions click in nicely. Pigtails included. Fits into standard Toyota 80-series rectangular slots. Shipped $55 CONUS.
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    Parting Out MA/NH FJ80 lots of interior body and engine left

    That rear upper hatch is in oddly good shape (aside for the emblem area) for being a Mass truck. That would be a shame if somebody crushes that part. I would have happily used it if I still had my 80. Mine was in much much worse shape. If the sun visors are in nice shape, you should grab them...
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    Greater Boston area owners thread

    This underbody looks great! Nice truck!
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    For Sale  Boston MA; Pair of black heated seat switches (fits in FZJ80 Land Cruiser blank slots)

    Acquired another pair of two position heated seat switches w/pigtails, all positions click in nicely. $55 shipped to CONUS. Paypal only.
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