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    Cdl wiring diagram

    Hi all chasing a 1994 center diff lock wiring diagram. Rats have eaten most of the one I am currently rebuilding. If someone could point me in the right direction that would be grand thanks in advance Cedric
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    Converting hj75 ute with a 2h to 1hdt

    Thanks all sorry for the late reply. I am going to try fit the h151f gearbox with the free wheeling hub kit in it into the hj75 but if that is too hard(too many modifications) I will change the input spline/shaft in the 155 box and bolt that on. I have the engine mounts sorted. More worried...
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    Converting hj75 ute with a 2h to 1hdt

    Hi all new to this page it might have been talked about all ready but here goes i have an 1989 hj75 and have bought an old 80 series with a 1hdt in it. I am looking to convert the old girl. Was wondering anyone has done this before or where i can get some reliable info on it. Thanks in advance...
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