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    Louisiana/Area For Sale/Wanted:

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    What have you done to your 100 Series this week?

    Installed Metaltech sliders after powder coating. Had to bend some of the AHC lines but no big deal thanks to all the great info on this website. Love the way they came out. Feel rock solid!
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    For Sale  Baton Rouge OEM Roof Rack 2006 Landcuiser.

    100 series OEM roof rack. All parts including bolts and caps. $250 plus shipping
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    The Mother-In-Law... Build thread, Intro, and request for guidance ('03 LX470)

    I also did a flush first so I knew what pressure I would be working with. I still need a 30mm spacer to get everything perfect. Cranking those bars is a workout. But using techstream that I ordered from amazon hooked up to an old Dell laptop based on recommendations I found here gave me all...
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    Lseats - What's the Deal?? Very Disappointing.

    After talking with Ridies representative (great guy) we determined my 2006 Landcruiser had LX seats in the front (curved insert) and LC seats (straight inserts) in the rear. It seems the previous owner changed the front seats at some point. When I removed the seats, I didn't see any evidence...
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    Lseats - What's the Deal?? Very Disappointing.

    That is correct. Additionally, you have the benefit of talking to a company representative to ensure it's the correct item.
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    Lseats - What's the Deal?? Very Disappointing.

    Maybe I'm missing something here but I own a Landcruiser not a Lexus. They did not offer me to return for shipping only. And yes, I notified them within 14 days.
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    Lseats - What's the Deal?? Very Disappointing.

    I'm compelled to share my embarrassing story and bad experience with Lseat. Hopefully, others see this before placing an order with them. 4 weeks ago I placed an order for the front and rear seat covers for the J100. I have a 2006 Landcruiser. They finally arrived and I brought the covers...
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    The MUD 100 series Photos thread

    Sliders getting powder coated
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    SOLD LC 100 Roof Rack

    I just removed the factory roof rack. It's in great shape with all the caps. DM me
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    For Sale  Will ship for free OEM floormats from 2006 LC in very good shape

    Replaced the original carpet matts. They are in great shape. Will ship them for free $50
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    Anyone? - CLC Classifieds thread

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    Anyone? - CLC Classifieds thread

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    Anyone? - CLC Classifieds thread

    sorry about that...$500. Let me see if I can sell the set
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