Zaldi's rig for sale

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Oct 24, 2007
geographical area known as canada, near ontario
cool, thought he'd sold it already Simon. passed it on to a guy in quebec lookin for a diesel to take to south america. do ya think this'll do the job?! for a sienna or odyssey...did he have kids all of a sudden?! :)
i know wtf, a minivan for a land cruiser??? maybe his wife put up the ad behind his back :p

its defenatly a typo

about the rig, zaldi is a proffessional diesel mechanic and he take great pride and care in maintaning his rig. i dont think that rig would have any problems anywhere in the world.
all the chasis has been maintained and the motor's top end has been rebuilt, and it has low mileage for a 3b(~220k kms)
cool man, i've always wanted to see this cool 80 after your last wheelin trip pics. i'm not far either in. well my other buddy is lookin for a good truck for the trail...hmm.

eitherway, hope he finds the right buyer.

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