zaino anyone?

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Nov 7, 2002
Pacific NorthWest
I didn't want to hijack Brentbba's post so I will ask here. A few guys mentioned Zaino car wax. What is the deal with that stuff? Is it spendy? Who sells it?

Looking for something to keep my baby Purty'...The 40 takes the abuse (for now) :G

Visit You'll find all info there!!!

Made a world different on my friends' NSX...

I first learned about it from the Porsche guys. It's great stuff. A little more pricey than off the shelf stuff, but WORTH IT! Easy on and off and it lasts! You can only buy the stuff directly from Sal Zaino or one of his distributors - he'll send you a list if you email him. As there are no abrasives in his stuff you will need to get your baby very clean. Follow his instructions on the website and you'll have no problems. I clayed my beast before using it on the 996 I had at the time. Easy to use and what a difference. Like I said in my other post, the truck does not look 9 years old. Your 40 probably is not a clearcoat finish so buy the stuff accordingly.

Your first time thru, washing with Dawn, claying, washing with his stuff and then the two applications of the wax (can't remember the numbers - one is the bonding agent and the second is the polish) took a good part of a Saturday for my 80. It's worth it!
Brent, it's for my 80. I don't abuse it like I do the 40. I guess I should have worded that better :slap:

I checked out the site and sent him an email. I don't have a garage right now :tear: so any protection I can get the better. In the market for another house as we speak...garage is a must :G
Good luck on the house hunting.  As I said, I first used the entire process on my '94 cruiser.  Hey - I wasn't going to experiment on a new Porsche! The LC had a sealant already on it when I purchased new and I had never waxed it at all until I did the Zaino bit about two-three years ago.  As per Sal's instructions, wash with Dawn dishwashing liquid.  It will strip and and all old wax from your 80.  Use Zaino's clay bar as he advises and just keep the surface wet.  It will set up your finish for a goregeous shine.  Wash the beast again.  I think I went overboard and washed again with Dawn after the clay process and then with his liquid detergent.  Dry VERY well.  Leave no water spots.  As his stuff has zero abrasives, any water spots will remain.  If you have any suspect areas, you may want to carefully use a polishing compound (the type with abrasives) to clean up any oxidized paint prior to the clay job(not likely given the quality of Toyota paint).  
Do the two step application and be sure to let the first coat dry completely as per the instructions.  A very warm day is advised.  Prepare for a good 4-6 hours easy by the time you wash, clay, wash, apply two coats of the polishes and wipe off.  After all we don't own SMALL trucks. :D The removal is very easy.  This stuff does not take alot of effort to remove.  I also use his tire dressing product as well.  Far superior to Armoral.   His spray to use between applications of the polish is very good also.  Most importantly, have fun taking care of your beast.  Best way to tell you have done a good clay job is to have run your hand accross the finish before and after your clay job.  After should feel much smoother.

Hope that helps.
Hmmm, Sounds like a lot of work. :ugh: The brush scratches down the sides of mine are starting to look good......Junk, watch yer 6, beater wars are a commin'. ::)
Nah, lots of fun if you like the looks of your beast. :D

You and Junk can fight it out for the beater award. FJ and I can fight over beauty queen. :stupid:

Cdan, maybe you should start another thread for folks to post pics and have Woody award a sticker for the IH8MUD First Annual Beater Award, or does it go by default to Junk? :G :G
No contest.............. 8)
Junk would go OUT OF HIS WAY to win that one. Whatever anybody did, he would do twice. Heck, I bet he'd roll it on purpose just to clench top spot. :ugh: Oh, and he'd blame his spotter to make it look good ::)
>> You and Junk can fight it out for the beater award. <<

Don't let C-Dan fool ya, his '93 has far less scratches than Pristine, and it's a pampered 97.
Oh, and he'd blame his spotter to make it look good ::)

Mine's actually in decent shape .... so far no dents from wheeling.... I think all the scrapes will buff out, but don't really care to try. Broke a few things, banged on the protection pretty hard and right now have a flare sticking out like Cdan at a go go, but nothing major. I do have a few acres of mud inside though :D Hands down that beater award would have to go to that Josh dude in Atlanta with the 10" coils and 40's with no fender wells and primer. :eek: :D
Zaino is pretty amazing stuff.  I use it on my other car with excellent results (It's got 13 year old paint and looks brand new).  Zaino came in overall 1st out of 140 different waxes/polymers in a recent independent test.  I can't find the link to that article right now though.

I don't use it on my 80 though.  I have to respectfully disagree with Brentbba on the ease of application.  It goes on easy enough(although you have to do 2 coats at the same time everytime....Z-1 and either Z-2 or Z-3 depending on what type paint you have), but I think its a PITA to take off.  Takes bunch of time.  Works great on my Miata, but the car is obviously really small.

On my 80, I claybar'd it and use Nu Finish.  Nu Finish is not as good as Zaino, but its a polymer based system just like Zaino so it does last a while and its much easier to take on and off (and its significantly cheaper).  If you have the time and patience to do Zaino great, I'd recommend it, but I'd never use it on something as big as the 80.

My 1/2 cent,

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