Yukon to Mexico

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Jul 11, 2006
Me, my wife, 2 year old son and two dogs are heading on a road trip from Dawson City, Yukon to just north of PV, Mexico.

I'm wondering if there are any people out there willing to pass some good advice about driving in Mexico.

We're packing a '90 HDJ81 Diesel, RHD which is pretty much loaded with guages, storage box in the back, Maggiolina Grand Tour roof top tent, bush bar, winch, driving lights, new tires and all tuned up.

Any ideas on extra parts to pack along? Places to go in the southern states that are worth the side trip and so on.

I'll be checking for w/e warriors to see if there are any LC trips taking place while we're passing through the western states to tag along on.


That's fantasic! I hope you post plenty of pics on your trip - my wife and kids are planning the same trip in two years time. Rafting down the Yukon River to Dawson for the Music Festival and then down to Costa-Rica! Same Rig as well.

Someone on this list had a reference guide to Cruiser Support (parts) that was pretty much world-wide.. try some searches for that link.
May as well keep the list of all the Canadian JDM parts suppliers in the glovy.

Good luck on the expedition! Lets have a look see at your rig with the RTT and all the goodies!
enjoy the trip! sounds great!

will be interesting to drive in MX with a RHD! :eek: you'll just be trading for a good close vision of the huge dropoffs on the RHS instead of a good close vision of the fenders of huge trucks barreling by from the other direction... :D
When you're in Dawson City, there's always a place to stay as we have a yurt on the poperty for guests, as for the view, my wife can stare at the oncoming fenders!


As far as Mexico, get auto insurance to the hilt. Always take the toll road if available. Never drive at night unless absolutley necessary, then drive slow. The roads are generally not fenced, uncontrolled access and the road crews take down the signs a night so they won't get stolen.

My only experience is in Baja, so.....
When you're in Dawson City, there's always a place to stay as we have a yurt on the poperty for guests, as for the view, my wife can stare at the oncoming fenders!



How long are you gone to Mexico for?

We are heading up to Tuk at the end of March.....


We'll be back by March 10th, so about 7 week saltogether in Mexico. if you're heading to Tuk you're welcome to visit us in Dawson City. There really isn't much to do in March in Dawson. The only thing that will prevent you from visiting is the Yukon River. If it's safe to walk or drive then you're welcome to visit. We live the opposite of town so no ice bridge, no access until the Ferry goes in.


wow take pictures and post them up when your back..
My impression is that Toyota has a limited presence in Mexico--I believe they have only been in the country a couple of years. If their parts system is like the US one, it may be difficult to get parts for vehicles that were not originally sold in Mexico. I have to order many BJ42 parts from Canada(even though all parts come from California). Bring parts that you feel might be needed and make sure problems are fixed prior to crossing the border.
Based on our experience driving in Mexico...

There are no hard and fast rules. Be sure to ask people which road is better- the toll or the free highway. Some of the free roads are beautiful and curve slowly through the coast or a wonderful forest, or stop of at picturesque towns. The toll roads are generally about as pretty as your average US interstate. Long, straight, well paved (usually) and boring. In our heavily loaded 60, we couldn't take advantage of the speed.... and there are stretches where they ding you for 10 or 20 US dollars every 50-100 miles (especially bad is Mazatlan to Guadalajara-- very expensive!!). One good thing is that you do get "free" insurance on toll roads. But Mexican auto insurance isn't that expensive anyway.

There were almost zero toyotas in Mexico 5 years ago. Don't expect to find any parts now.

Driving at night in Mexico is scary and suicidal. Seriously. You would be better pulling WELL off of the road and just camping than you would be telling yourself "just a few more miles". We drove at night a few times and every time said "Wow. We really got lucky there." Every time...

Check in advance regarding the ferry from Baja to the mainland. The schedule changes and sometimes... it doesn't run. But Baja is a much more interesting drive (in my opinion) than driving down along the other side of the Sea of Cortez.

Take a look at www.sandcruiser.com for pics and www.sandcruiser.com/route.html some gps waypoints where we stayed on our trip.

Have a great time!
Can you tell me a bit about the ferry from Baja? Interested in how long it takes, costs etc. I've also checked your site, lot's of info and I've booked a few sites via it.


we never actually caught a ferry... it was supposed to run from La Paz to Mazatlan but some other travelers we ran into told us it wasn't running. We opted to drive down the mainland as we had already seen a lot of baja.

Sorry I don't have more info for you- but if you search online for Baja Ferry you'll probably get some good information.
I took the ferry two years ago from La Paz to Mazatlan and it ended up being an 18 hour ride. But we left La Paz in the afternoon and arrived to Mazatlan in the morning. Quite a trip. Like Steve said, Baja is way more interesting than going the main land route.
Pack spare belts, hoses and filters as well as a shop manual and full tool kit. You will NOT find Toyota parts in Mexico. Make sure you have the number of your favorite parts place back home just in case. You could also get parts from Central America but NOT in Mexico generally.

When you drive down you can take the free "Libre" roads all the way till the last section to Tepic. That section is worth taking the toll road on.

Expect the road from Tepic to Puerto Vallarta to be slow an curvy with LOTS of truck and bus traffic. Post #27 on this thread has some pictures of the road between Tepic and PV http://www.4wdtrips.net/forum/showthread.php?t=4220&page=3 that we took in July 2004.
I can't offer much except within Oregon drive the coast. It is breathtaking, especially the southern stretch from Coos Bay on south. Not sure if you've been through the state.

Make sure you join the Cruiser Assistance Club (link at the top of the forums) and take the list along with you. You are more than welcome to use my facilities on your way through!

Been there, done that: You have a great adventure in front of you!

hey guys -
I just came down from Dawson City to San Diego - and in a Land Cruiser 80 series Diesel, too!
Don't miss the Canadian national parks... they are beautiful (Banff National Park, etc.)... And don't worry about your car - I did not have a single problem in the last 40'000km of my trip (www.panmundo.com for pictures and road-book).
We will set of for Mexico on January 14th and then head down towards Tierra del Fuego. Would be great if you could meet!

have you visited Alaska? It's definitly worth it! (maybe a bit cold right now).

I wish you a great trip!!!
I just added to your blog Tobias, we met in Dawson City and have a mutual hitch hiker in common, George the German. Anyhow, you're welcome to visit us where we're staying in Mexico.


Live to Ski, thanks for the offer, can you PM me with your info in case that works out? cheers and thanks for the offer on that.


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