Your favorite Apps for travelling and Overlanding

Feb 6, 2013

What are your favorite apps on your smartphone for travelling? It is years ago (2014), that we had that topic here.

I will add my top 5 of my used apps here
  • here we go
  • Audible
  • Oanda Currency Converter
  • iOverlander
  • Messengers (threema / Telegram / whatsapp)
Here we go - Offline street navigation (Android / iOS)
Street names, house numbers, "Please turn left in 20m" - HERE or (formerly Smart2Go, Map24, Navteq, Nokia Maps) offers very good navigation in over 100 countries. Quite a few car manufacturers equip their navigation systems with Navteq map material (BMW, VW, Daimler etc.) Accordingly, the map material is of high quality. On a trip around the world, this software is simply unmatched. With an online connection, traffic jam avoidance is added - but the maps can be downloaded offline.

Nothing can beat google maps - but on a worldtrip you dont want to download many many times small areas... And cell coverage isnt available anywhere.

Audible (Android / IOS)
The apps will support you while traveling. Audio books are no substitute for normal books, but they often sweeten the waiting times without being completely distracted from the surroundings. Even on my road trips without company, audiobooks are important to me. Lying relaxed on a lonely beach, the sound of the sea in one ear and headphones in the second ear an exciting audio book, without holding a book without having to turn the pages - sensational. I also like to listen to monotonous passages while driving. Alone in a restaurant - also a great accompaniment. Besides, you save a lot of space and weight.

Oanda Currency Converter (iOS)
A currency converter with the indication of the last online update - is worth a lot when discussing a fair exchange rate. Be it when exchanging money or paying in foreign currency (USD/Euro) abroad. The app also shows the selling and buying prices for a currency (incl. date), so you can easily agree on something with the opposite party.

iOverlander is irreplaceable for us overlanders when searching for wildcamping and campsites. Community based, new camp locations are added daily - especially for campsites with valuable additional information about the offered infrastructure. The app often offers much more, the nearest ATM that also spits out dollars, the nearest laundry or supermarket. I have added many waypoints in South America.

The various Messengers like threema / Telegram / whatsapp are already very useful to stay in contact with home. In my everyday travel life, however, I always used these apps to stay in touch with other travelers, to arrange to meet others in other places or in the city. Quickly send the location - simplifies a meeting immensely. Whatsapp allows to create and link share a group chat, so other travelers can join without exchanging numbers via link/QR code - helpful to get to a group chat with location sharing in Hangout (Couchsurfing)

Here is my: my full collection of useful travel apps at 2021

As you can see - to add your specific use case can be helpful to understand, why this app is on your list of helpful apps for travelling!

I hope to be able to read here new stuff I didnt know before!


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