Your after Christmas wish list

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Apr 5, 2015
Mine in order:

Icon Stage 1 shocks (this spring)

BFG 285/75R/16s (current tires have one more good year in them)

Bumpers (another year out)
Rear Bumper
Front and Rear Harrop Lockers
New tires...285/75/16's.
LCP rock rails and mud flap delete kit.
Rear Bumper
Front and Rear Harrop Lockers

Please tell us your impressions of the lockers when you get them!
OME 2" lift kit
Install the sliders I have
Better rear bumper (the one I have is kind of crappy)
Win the lottery
I've got bumpers coming Wednesday. Should be interesting to see what happens with all that poundage... o_O
200 series
more time to get more products out the door, my ebay knockoff airtec tjm snorkel installed, finish my 2-tone vinyl, mount & wire the rack lights, and GOBI to SEND MY DANG LADDER I ORDERED IN JULY.

On the new purchase front, sliders (haven't decided which yet) and 1" Bora spacers
- 140,000 or so less miles.
- New 285/70/17 tires for the Rock Warriors.
- Change out front drivers speed sensor.
- Refinish Rock Warriors.
- Finish 'Rust Bullet-ing' the frame and underside bits.
- Change oil.

Not very wishy, just enjoy driving it.
  • Winch
  • Lighting for my TJM bumper and roof rack
  • Drawer setup, depending on how closely the wife is monitoring funds :doh:
Not in any particular order:

1. Front suspension bushings etc

2. Slee spacers

3. Bigger k02s

4. Some kind of lighting upgrade for fronts

5. Hitch mount bike rack for summer

6. Time machine
- K02's: 275/70/18
- BIOR step sliders
- KISS drawers
- More time off

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