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Feb 28, 2009
Phoenix, AZ
few of us are going up around Young for the weekend .camping and some wheeling figuer on heading up to Payson early early(6am) sat morning and heading down the young road and just see what we can see and maybe check any of the trailes out up there and head on through to globe and then home sun afternoon. however havent decided but if any would like to tag along or head up there with us we could arrange to meet up at the cruiser meet fri night and all leave then and pitch camp in the middle of the night. again just a idle thought. but if any one is intrested please PM me. thanks
Wish I could meet you guys. I hunt elk in that area.

Caution: If you cross Hagler Creek going South, and you have drum brakes, you have no more than a mile to pump and dry them out before you start down a hill with a bend in the road.

A few years ago, I had to winch a jeep back upright, as she laid it over in a ditch to keep from flipping on that bend, as she had no brakes because they were wet.

...good times had by all attending. Well, maybe the crayfish didn't have as much fun as the rest of us. :beer:
Toy 62.jpg
smoking crawfish.jpg
and a few more pics...

just a few of my own
neat :cool:

I would have taken 288, but that's just me :steer: - haven't done that road for at least 15 years :frown:
Where did you guys end up camping at? Location
stayed in the Camp Ground at Haglier creek ..found a beutiful spot a few miles down ...however with all the fire restictions and game rangers/ forest rangers out it was just safeier to stay at the camp ground. however we didnt get a chance to finish the whole road we actually doubled time we are gonna toodle around there much more. its been 9 years since teh last time i was there so i need plenty of refresher

and yes about a 1/3 of the 288 is paved mostly north of and through Young
Theres almost nothing better than fresh cooked Crawfish from N AZ streams.:) Last time we did it was a backpacking trip through West clear creek - crawfish, rice, beans, spices = mmmmmm.

BTW, I love the smokin' Crawdaddy! One last smoke before jumping into the pot :lol:. Nice Photoshop

Haigler has always been one of my favorite places. Alot of good times have been had there over the many years - thx for the pics.
westside meet at skyehunters! had a great time, you guys were very entertaining. my wife asked me the next morning "did that big guy talk about his cats last night?" the homebrew was great, looking forward to the inaugural toyota and tasting party.

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