You have until 0830 central time tomorrow to talk me out of this 100....

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Mar 24, 2006
-Lots and lots of rock crawlers in the past
-quite a few 4Runners, Tacomas, and Tundras as DDs
-got a 60 project that was fun but needed more than I could give
-got an 80, threw on lift and 35"s and loved it, but putting 500 miles a week on it wasn't working
-got a 4x4 Sequoia that rides and drives amazing with lift and tires but is boooooring
-my 16 year old has a x3 locked 4Runner on 33"s and I want to DD something fun that can also pull some trailers and ride with him

Soooooo found this 100 series with 129k miles, lots of maintence done, elocker, and wants to trade for my sequoia....

Any reason not to Dear Mudders??





Why on earth would he want to give up a 100 for a sequoia?
I agree. Grab the 100 and you'll never look back! Give us an update after you make the deal.
Who on earth would trade a Land Cruiser for a Sequoia? Nothing against them, i used to have one, but seriously? Unless that LC has some hidden stories, i'd trade for that like yesterday already. Do it.
He wants the baby seat clip thingies in the newer truck. Who knows if that is enough to sell really?

Stopping by bank on the morning and then a few hours drive to get it. Will report back.

I would love to had a DD and another weekend toy rig, but that's not in the cards right now and I know that x3 locked and 33"-35" tired rig can get you plenty deep into the woods (aka trouble). Looking forward to some TLC events and remote camping in the near future.
He listed his for sale and I threw him the trade offer. Sounds like mama and baby aren't playing into the project arena now and the Sickoya is the easy way out.
We don't have enough data, except TLC Vs. Sequoia. All equal the TLC will always be worth month more and better. However, a spread in manufacturer year and miles could make a difference in a rational choice. When I see 129K on a Hundy I see a new vehicle in my mind and would take over most Sequoia on a straight up trade, unless the money didn't make sense.
'05 Sequoia
VVTI 4.7l
Second owner
Needs timing belt
New suspension lift
New 33" ATs
No real issues
Got a good deal on it when I bought it...

'98 100
2nd owner
Timing belt, water pump, drive belts, brakes, all fluids flushed at dealer
18" Tundra TRD wheels
Back windows do not work

No money exchanging hands, just trucks and titles
The upper rear control arm mounts are kind of rusted, but nothing a few days of periodic PB blasting can't fix if you ever intend on replacing them. Same goes for the sway bar mounts on the rear axle. But nothing to be concerned about until it comes time to replace them and even then it wont be bad. That rust is nothing compared to what I've seen. Either way that is an EXCELLENT deal and I would definitely take advantage of it. I mean come on: Tundra wheels, it has the factory locker, no tears in the seats (just dirty), steering wheel doesn't even look close to how worn mine looks on my '00 LC, plus all the wood trim has already been removed?? Definitely jump on that one!
I'd trade a Seq for a 100 any day of the week and twice on Sundays.

Let us know what you do and if you make the trade (do it!) - post more pics...

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