you guys were right, wastegate and turbo boost thread

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Dec 14, 2010
Port Coquitlam, BC
Hi all,

So I have a 13B-T and I've been looking for more power. I've read much on this forum, and tonight I did a test run. I disconnected the wastegate vacuum tube to see what would happen.

The good: I could FINALLY hear my turbo spool, I've never heard it spool before and I noticed a little more power. The green light would always come on, but I never heard the turbo, nor did it make a whole lot of difference in power once the light came on in the first place. I'm making the conclusion that it wasn't a copious amount of power increase because I didn't touch the fuel adjustment (I've read that people claiming massive amounts of power just by increasing boost were running rich before)

For the record, I know running without a wastegate can be dangerous, so I only did it for about 3 minutes, just to see what difference it would make.

So, on my list to get is a pyro set up (friend has one he hasn't used) and a manual boost controller and gauges for both.

Once I have those installed, I can then play with the boost and add more fuel to get the desired EGT's, correct?

I'm doing all this because I'm planning to take this thing to Vancouver (live in Edmonton) in a month or so. I have an auto and 31s and the overdrive kicks in at about 65 km/h and it boggs really bad. I used the "3" option on the tranny so overdrive doesnt kick in in the city. So I'm planning for this trip, any help and advice would be great. I also know that running high boost and lots of fuel up long mountain ranges like the COQ is iffy, but thats what the pyro is for.

Oh, and lastly, I noticed the wastegate diaphram tube that I disconnected was dripping a little bit of oil when I reconnected it, is this 'blowby'? What does that mean? Is it healthy?

Anyways, any experience and words of wisdom would be great. I wanna run about 16 psi max boost, just so i can stay at about 80 km/h on the COQ. Or what do you guys think?

Oil seeping into your compersor side is not good! You're probably due for a rebuild on your turbo.

I honestly wouldn't touch anything else till you've ensure you don't have oil going into your intake....

Once this is corrected, you can start playing with the wastegate and fuel settings to get your boost and EGT's where you want them. You'll still want to work your transmission more as as manual, switching between gears as you drive. That's my opinion anyway.
thank you sir. just to confirm, i disconnected the tube at the waste gate , so the bottom of the tube. When i went to reconnect it, the oil was dripping down out of the tube, (going into the wastegate I guess) I'm assuming this is still bad? What sort of gasket or seal could be blown? Would a new turbo gasket kit do the trick?
the carbon seal in the turbo could be shot. You can get a turbo rebuild kit from ATBL or whatever the turbo shop in vancouver is for about 50-100 bucks. comes with the bushing s etc. I did my own rebuild. lots of write ups on the internet.

take a look at the end play on the compressor wheel. see if it rocks back and forth. it's very minimal what is allowed. if it is hitting the side of the turbo housing it has gone too far and gets more expensive.

a little oil blowing out of the turbo is normal. it should have a dry sticky look in the outlet pipes not a wet soaking look.

Actually it should be oil free. but reality on some of these is a little oil will seep by.

once all is good and you have gauges you can run the boost a bit higher. 10-12 psi is a good number and keep the EGT's under 1000. Conservative are those numbers.
I don't know if you diagnosed the problem or not but here is a little excerpt from Garrett's website on oil leakage. This may apply to you. I know your running a ct26 but I think in regards oil leaking, a journal bearing turbo is a journal bearing turbo:

5. Common Causes of Oil Leakage

A properly installed turbo should NOT leak oil.

There are, however, instances where oil leaks occur. The most common causes,
depending on the location of the leak, are:
Leakage from compressor and turbine seals

* Excessively high oil pressure
* Inadequate drain, drain is too small, does not go continuously downhill,
or the location of the drain inside the oil pan is located in a section that has
oil slung from the crank causing oil to back up in drain tube. Always
place oil drain into oil pan in a location that oil from crank is blocked by windage tray.
* Improper venting of crankcase pressure.
* Excessive crankcase pressure.
* Oil drain rotated past the recommended 35°.

Leakage from compressor seal
Excessive pressure across the compressor housing inlet caused by:

* Air filter is too small.
* Charge air tubing too small or has too many bends between the air filter
and compressor housing.
* Clogged air filter.

Leakage from Turbine seal

* Collapsed turbine piston ring from excessive EGT's.
* Turbo tilted back on its axis past recommended 15°.

Hope this helps

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