Yokohama AT tyres?

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Dave 2000

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Jan 24, 2009
Having problems finding 285/75/16 BFG's AT's in 'H' rating, as it appears I may draw a blank on getting these, and given that Toyo's are capable of getting a puncture whilst parked overnight on a snooker table, they are also out of the equation this leaves, Yokohama's in that size which I can get in H rating.

Never driven on the Yokohama tyres IIRC, and so looking for thoughts from experienced users.



I've had Yokohama A/T-S on 4 different vehicles. It is what I am currently running on my 80 in a 285s. Historically I've been able to get around 60k miles out of a set and still be able to sell them for $400-$500. I do a lot of asphalt driving and off road primarily in rock and sand desert environments. I've also driven on ice and snow with them with no issues. All in all it's a really solid tire for everything I need with the caveat of mud, they don't have large voids to evacuate the sediment.
^^^ Nice review, are they 'H' rated though? I rarely see snow/ice/mud or even rain for that matter, I do see a lot of tarmac/desert and rocky off road work though.

Thanks for that.


Looks to be an R speed rating in a LT285/75r16 from their website. Does Spain require an H rated tire?
Thanks for checking, I have to present a preferred tyre size to an engineer, he will decide if the vehicle is safe to use with my choice, so the size is pretty straightforward however, as Toyota decided the 80 should have a tyre capable of 130 MPH (yeh I know) it has to be a 'H' rated.

AT tyres in H ratings are pretty thin on the ground here in Spain, and wondered if other markets got them?

The H speed rating is based on the 275/70r16 stock tire size. Changing from P to LT tire types changes the speed rating. There are many more H rated options in a SUV/truck tire at the stock size including the YOKOHAMA GEOLANDAR H/T G056 :meh:
Thanks for the link, that was for highway all year round, no mention of 'off road' use?

The performance code of 114H is exactly what I have on the stock Toyo, I wondered if Yokohama has a H rated 285/75/16?

I swear I saw one earlier but my concentration is stuck around cable making at the moment, hoping to fit the new starter in the morning.

Thanks again your time.


I had Yokohama Geolander HT's on my 80 and they were good for the highway. I didn't really test them on hard offroad but they were terrible in the snow. Overall an decent tire if its mostly for highway use.
My old man has run through 2 sets of geolander ATs now and done heaps of dirt and desert with them in outback Queensland. They have been great and he swears by them now. Only puncture he has had in that time was from a screw on a highway, which would kill any tire.
Thanks for your input, all seems to be going that way. I was told the insurance company would get back to me to confirm cover would be unaffected, still waiting on that. They agree in principle but had not put anything in writing.

Keep the comments coming.



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