Yet another newbie birfield job.

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Mar 22, 2010
I have been baselining the land pig since I bought it a few months ago and had ordered a front rebuild kit with bearings off EBAY. Sad to say that though I thought it was a great deal at $210.00 shipped, I found Cruiser Outfitters carries the same kit right in SLC for 170.00 over the counter.

Good part was all Koyo and NTN bearings.

I have torn a few chev front ends apart in my day, but never seen a birfield before this beast. Looked through a few other threads and then talked my buddy Bret "green 96 LX" into helping me. About 7 hrs total for both sides.

A few pics. PS was dirty brown watery goo, DS was almost dry. The brass bushing on the back of the spindle was burned and needs replaced. Talked to CDAN and he tells me that the newer version retro fits and has a bearing instead of a bushing. It's also cheaper. 47 vs 65 bucks. It's on it's way.

A few photos.
My blackie in front, Bret's LX all growed up in the back. Someday.
Birfield job may 28 004.jpg

The crud from the PS knuckle. glad I got this thing redone.

Birfield job may 28 009.jpg

All clean and ready to go back together.

Birfield job may 28 013.jpg

Not as bad as I thought it would be. Fascinated by the engineering in the knuckle and the birfield. it truly is built tank tuff....
Birfield job may 28 004.jpg
Birfield job may 28 009.jpg
Birfield job may 28 013.jpg
Final pics... all pretty and back together.

The final assembly included new slotted/drilled rotors I had been hanging onto from pro-stop.

Drives nice, all new bearings, seals, gaskets, wipers etc... changed out the diff oil as well.

Birfield job may 28 015.jpg

maiden voyage on new joints.

Alpine Loop May 29 2010 392.jpg
Birfield job may 28 015.jpg
Alpine Loop May 29 2010 392.jpg
Doing basically the same thing to ours right now. The good part is the wife let me get a parts washer to make sure "HER" rig is cleaned up nice.
and the rear had to have it too

Being a little OCD, and finding that one of the birfs was dry, the other soup, I spent the whole day sunday thinking.... gotta check the rear axle.

I didn't have a parts kit but wanted to check anyway.

For Memorial day, I tore in and found that the only thing lubing the rear wheel bearings was a little bit of diff oil slopping around. The bearings and seals seem OK, but I cleaned it all out and re-packed the bearings, re-assembled the whole unit and can now feel better.... glad I did it. I didn't take any pics.

I have to order a rear axle rebuild kit and my aussie locker and will tear back in soon.
I would stay away from most american replacement bearings. Koyo and NTN are the likely japanese replacements that the dealer would provide. Timken is also good, there are a few others that are OK but autozone and pep-boys are not the source.

CDan was about 350.00 for parts when we talked, figured that the australian answer was the key till I talked to the outfitters and they said they have the same kit and provide them to dealers and so on...
your not kidding, made me a little erpy.... ick. Better that there was something in there than the other side which was basically dry.... glad I didn't have a wheel fall off on the freeway.
Almost sounds like our vehicles had the same previous owner. I had coagulated grease in the passenger side with a bushing siezed to to birfield shaft. I can't figure people out. It bothers me that someone would treat a vehicle like that. I hope the FJ spirits haunt them!!
hey that looks like fun.................. well not really, but it sure turned out great.. Must be a good friend to help for 7 hours :)
ha ha..
later stud

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