Yet another AHC question...

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Dec 7, 2006
Santa Rosa
Sorry, I tried the search but looks as though it isn't working as it should. Anyhow, I have Slee's AHC switch and was able to get the diff drop on and the alignment done Saturday and had it in HI mode ever since. So Sunday night I was in the car parked. Started the car and it dropped to normal height. I pushed the button to try and get it back to HI mode but it didn't work. Light on the dash flashes a couple times but stays put. No sound from the suspension either. Haven't gotten a chance to check any fuses yet.

Any ideas?
1 check AHC fluid level.
2 switch off ignition, and try again.

If that doesn't help:
It might be that your springs (coil & TB) are not doing their job, after 8 years. (If you didn't have AHC, it would have been sagging)
What happens then is that the AHC has to do more of the work, and you might get an over-pressure-state in the system, in which case it will drop down. If it works ok between Lo and Norm, I suggest you do the Neutral Pressure Test to see the state of your springs, and take it from there.

On my 2001, I cranked up the TBs to compensate for wear (or tiredness); and I see that the rear Neutral Pressure is high, so I'm planning on changing the rear coils.

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