Yes!!! Yes!!! Yes!!! Truck Started

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Apr 19, 2006
Well last night we officiall started the truck and the fauker is loud without the exhaust and the cam thats installed. I almost had an orgasm all over myself.

There is one thing that wasn't working when we fired it up and its the fuel pump. It won't prime and I'm thinking that I just have to reinstall it whereby it hits the cam correctly.

Nonetheless, I'm real satisified that it started. Oil pressure is great at 80lbs!

The satisifcation of getting somthing from suit to nuts is immeasurable.
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Congrats!!!! :flipoff2:

I hope to be right behind you. Have you a name for your rig?

Mine is Bertha, but affectionately known as "HAADG".

Hauling Ass and Drinking Gas.
Congradulations!! More pics, aye? :cheers:

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