Yellow panhard rods on eBay/Amazon?

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Apr 21, 2022
Anyone have any personal experience with these inexpensive "yellow" panhard rods that are sold on eBay and Amazon? I'm asking because I am doing a suspension refresh on my rig, and I have these bars on my rig now. They came with the vehicle when I purchased it about six months ago. I'm being told that there have been some "issues" with these panhard rods. Not sure what the issues are, though. I've put a couple thousand miles on the truck, and wheeled it a few times now, with no problems - but I'm still a newb to 80's, so I could certainly be missing something.

Front Rear Adjustable Panhard Rod Bar Fit For Land Cruiser 80 100 105 Series | eBay -
Obviously that bright yellow is worth like 3 extra HP.
And they'll make your head gasket blow.

Probably finest Chinesium, any idea what the bushings are made from? Poly or rubber?
Bushings are rubber. I'm assuming the concern is with the quality of the adjusting hardware. Probably able to come loose while on the vehicle. That would indeed be a concern, if true. Any real-world confirmation of that?
Probably able to come loose while on the vehicle

I doubt it, unless they're left and right hand threaded so that they can be adjusted in-place. All of the adjustable Panhard I've seen require you to remove the rod in order to rotate one end to change the length. The locknut could back off, which is certainly not ideal, but it shouldn't just separate into two.

IMO, an axle-side Panhard lift bracket (e.g. Delta VS) is the way to go for the rear.
Have the front and rear for 7-8 yrs. Bushings that come with will last about 2 yrs at most. Replace with Toyota OEM. Left and Right hand threads allow adjustment without removal of either end from the truck. Lock washers prevent loosening of supplied fasteners.
Delta VS panhard bracket keeps the rear panhard as horizontal as possible and rear adjustable panhard bar allows you to fine tune centering of the rear axle under the vehicle.
Have the same and been using for several years. Would buy them again and will watch the bushings. So far so good. Much better than the old worn out originals. The adjustments will be fine if you use thread locker when installing. You can weld them is you are concerned a lot.

Bought mine from Amazon. Shipped from SE Asia and arrived in about 3 days. Amazing!

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