Yay my first Landcruiser

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Mar 20, 2006
New memeber here and just purchased a 02 Landcruiser! Great car! Really helps with the weather in upstate NY. I want to get some photos up but I still haven't figured out how to do that here...

Congrats and welcome! 02s rule!

Not sure, but you made need a star to post photos.
I want to see the S2k mods! :cheers: You have a link to your Honda?
Oh, and welcome to MUD!:cheers:

Tech portion; Be sure to check out the FAQ for various mods for the 100.
Welcome to the forum! I've learned a lot from this site, and hope you will too. There are a couple of options for posting pictures, you can attach them (I have not done this) or you can use a host and upload them to that site, then link them to your post. It sounds like a complicated process, but after a few tries, you'll get it. I use ImageShack and then I can access them from anywhere, and post them to different forums, but there are multiple choices out there. Use Google or Yahoo search for Image hosting and see what comes up for you there. Also try using this sites search function for that topic and you'll see things like this, click here. Have fun and good luck!
A star is not necessary to attach pictures. It will allow you, however, to post unlimited number of pictures.:cool:

In the page where you type your message, use the paperclip to start attachment manager where you may upload your pictures. There is a limit in terms of size and any uploaded pic will count against your quota. You still have not attached any picture to your message at this point yet.

After you have uploaded your pic, click on the paperclip one more time to select the pic for attachment. You may attach multiple pics as allowed or unlimited if you have the silver star.

Oh, welcome. BTW, that's not my 100 (I've an 80). I went through process of attaching to figure it out myself.

100 Series 02.jpg
100 Series 02.jpg
Thanks for the warm welcome. It was actually a bit of a search to find this forum. My 02 didn't come with the navigation. I'm going to see if I can get a factory unit installed. Anyone have a brochure for a 02? I saw a post about the navi but didn't have time to read it carefully.

Here is a link to a team site I'm involved in, Teamsolo. If the link doesn't work then let me know. The picture is a little out-dated. But it looks pretty much the same. Only real major difference now is that wing is gone without a replacement. (S2000)


I traded my 05 CRV for my Cruiser and so far lovin everything about it. Though the previous owner was a mother with several kids so there is a bit more wear and tear on the interior than it should.

welcome to the forum, hope you'll enjoy it! If you're going to do some major surgery, you may want to think about the back camera too...
Me likey your s2000! Are we twins now?
stewbo said:
Me likey your s2000! Are we twins now?
Well, I guess that would make me your big brother. :) :cheers:
HAha I guess so.

Unfortunately we found out that the LC we bought used had a roof damage at one point or another. It looks like the previous owner dropped a bike or luggage pack on the roof and damaged it. Than the roof was repaired and repainted (very poorly). We had three options after we found this out. One, we can keep it as is and take the risk of corrosion later on the roof. Two, we can have the roof repaired properly then keep the car, which will cost ridiculous amount of money that the insurance will not cover. Three, since we bought this vehicle from a dealer we have the option of taking it back and getting the full money back. So we returned the vehicle and bought a different car (06 Toyota Avalon XLS). I only owned this LC for 4 or so days but it was great. If it weren't for the roof damage we would've kept it but we weren't gonna risk losing money on it now or later. So I'm going to have to resign from this forum as well. So it's Hello and Goodbye almost at the same time.

What a shame.

The Avalon will never meet the expectations of a LC.

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