Yakima Load Warrior too small? Or Mega Warrior

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Jun 15, 2020
I found a Load Warrior brand new I could get for $100! Considering it, just worried it might be a little too small for our rigs, aesthetically and practically. There's a "like new" Mega Warrior currently for sale near me for $400 - to me, not worth that much extra. If I can talk him down to under $300 I may consider it.

Just looking for personal (or secondhand) experience with either, and pros and cons of mostly practicality of one vs the other (but aesthetic opinions will be entertained too 😄😂).

My thoughts are obviously more space=more cargo capacity on the Mega. But also may stick out the sides more which could be bad offroad in tight trails. Also load capacity of the Mega is a little lower I think, so wondering if it has a little more "flex" under load due to the wider load. So Load Warrior would have less cargo space but be a little more "planted" and be more compact for tight trails.

I was hoping to see more responses here. Wondering the same thing as the OP.
I have the megawarrior with the extension, and imo it looks better because it takes up most of the roofline of the truck. It looked ok without the extension, but I prefer the majority of the roofline taken up with the basket. FWIW the load warrior looks too small on our larger trucks.
I have a MegaWarrior off my Suburban that has the extension and also a fairly large awning attached. I haven't put it on my LX yet but when I do I will post pictures. I need to source some adequate crossbars first.
Which basket comes on the Land Cruiser Heritage edition? I would imagine there should be some takeoffs floating around.

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