Xtp manifold spacer for 2010+ 1grfe

Mar 13, 2017
Hi guys speaking to grey at xtp about doing a set of manifold spacers for the 2nd gen 1grfe engine. Ideally he needs at least 15 orders to make it cost effective as you could imagine its not a 5 minute job so im just putting this out here to see whos interested.

For all you skeptical people who claim it doesnt make a difference, just think of how toyota's variable intake (acis) on the ur engines, 2gr and early 1grfe worked.
When at low rpm and light load such as cruising or driving around town the manifold open up and allowed the air to flow through the full length of the runners to improve low down torque, at high rpm the where power was needed more then torque the manifold would shut off and and air would follow the shorter route. Obviously with a solid spacer their is a trade off in top end power for low to mid range torque but marginal.

Toyota ditched acis in the 2nd gen engines to cut costs and just made the ports bigger among other things to improve power.

In short and simple terms, longer manifold leans more towards torque short manifold leans to high end power.

If your interested let me know and ill keep in touch with him and update on here with prices etc
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