X2 battery and stainless tray

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Jan 17, 2009
Tacoma, WA
Just put in the stainless battery tray from stainlesstrays.com and it fits great. I am trying the X2 battery that I picked up from Batteries Plus. It was only $20 more than the blue top group 34 optima and comes with a 5 year unlimited warranty. Plus all of the optima batteries they had on hand were the mexico versions and the X2 is made in the USA with more CCA than the optima. I plan on buying the driver side tray and installing another battery in the next couple weeks.
I purchased one of those from Batteries Plus and asked if their we're any other discounts/coupons available at the time and they have me 10 or 15% off of the purchase, because I asked. Good batteries. I have the single set up in my 60 and have been very happy with the purchase.

Hmmm, never thought to ask, good idea next time! The stainless tray is top notch and heavy duty. Couldn't be happier.
2x on pics. The only thing rusted on my cruiser is the battery tray. Im gonna need one eventually. ;)

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