WTT !Trade! My 85 FJ60 For Your Pickup or VMAX

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Hey, I've got a 1985 Toyota FJ60 that is in good shape. It has 215k miles, an OME lift. It always starts right up, and runs good. I have also done the 2 lo modification, which is awesome. It has a great interior with the inclinometer/clock combo that does light up. Also, I have installed a very high-end Kenwood cd player that has awesome graphics, and a dual sound source setting (front and back). Also, the cd player has it's own inclinometer, and g-force scales and such. All of the windows are good, the wipers are new and upgraded to silicone, all of the seats are good, except the normal driver's seat wear, (the rest of the interior is in great shape.) All of the wipers work, the carb fan works, the horn works, there is no rust, no major problems, I drive it at least 3 times a week, but usually daily. It has never been wrecked, but I've trail-driven it a few times, so it does have a few minor dents and some minor scratches. It is not perfect, but it is VERY reliable and stable. Stock wheels with 33's. I really love this wagon, but unfortunately, if I'm going to have a truck, I have to have a bed.

I'm looking to trade it for a Toyota pickup truck in similar shape. I want it to have a Toyota engine, and NO RUST. Mileage should be about the same as my 60 or lower. It needs to be in good daily-driver condition with no major issues. I'm in Oklahoma, so my 60 is de-smogged.

VMAX- I would also love to trade for a nice and clean VMAX motorcycle. Of course, once again... NO RUST please. It needs to be daily-driveable, and not abused. Thanks a lot! Let me know. If you'd like more pics, please let me know and I will email you more.

PICS 020.jpg
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Sorry man, I gotta have the Japanese engine. Otherwise, I think your truck is pretty nice.
VMAXs' are fun! one of the ultimate wheelie bikes..........

bump for ya.
Hey thanks! Yeah, I'd really like to have one.
PMs replied
I've replied to the PMs again. And yes, the 4 wheel drive does work just fine. I change the oil at 3000 miles or before. I shift between 1500rpm and 2000 rpm ( I drive it pretty much like a granny ). I think that answers most of the pms I've received. It is looking like I have found a suitable trade, so if anyone is waiting around to offer their trades, let me know soon, so you don't miss out!:cheers:

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