WTT (5)(16x8) 93-94 aluminum wheels

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Dec 24, 2007
Charleston S.C.
Looking for 4 or 5 stock FACTORY steel wheels 16x8 for a fzj80. There were i believe 2 versions released in the states and 4 or 5 versions released in other markets. The 5 aluminum cone style wheels i have are pristine , except spare, it has the typical etching form riding underneath the truck, with caps.
Send pics.
Here is one of the versions:


On this rare specimen:


I do not have these wheels, just a picture. Good luck.
Ha! Trading up! There may have been a few slip through with steel wheels but most of the ones you will find in the US that have steel wheels were put there by people who replaced their alloys as an upgrade. You might try one of the Ih8mud vendors, I know CDan has ordered them for other 80 owners.
There are tons of steelies on the 80's here in Iraq. If there is any way I am trying to get some for myself. I just havent figured out how yet. 100 steelies would be much easier. There are 100's everywhere.

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