WTF? - Mechanic in Hilton Head/Beaufort

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Mar 7, 2010
Phoenix, AZ
I sold my 80 to someone who shipped it out to Bray's Island. Apparently, "it's junk" and it's no longer working. I'm baffled because it was my DD and I had no issues.

Anyone know of a mechanic who's familiar with the FZJ80 in the Hilton Head and Beaufort area??

Your help is appreciated.

Too far away for me, but try posting in the SC section here. Alot of knowledgeable folks out that way.
Is the seller seeking damages or wanting to return it? Was it sold as-is? I am a little confused about what's going on. I don't know any mechanics to offer up, but I also know that if it was your DD then it can't be junk.

Heck I bought a samurai a month or so ago and the rearend grenaded 30 miles from home. **** happens and while I wished the guy had said "hey, lemmie give you a little $$ back" he didn't and I am just dealing with it.

Unless there was some clause in the sale contract, I say he probably is having buyers remorse and is just looking to get his $$ back, which is his problem not yours.

And yeah bump over to the SC clubhouse and ask those guys. They are a great bunch and will probably be able to help you prove that it is actually a solid rig.
I got a better idea. Just refer your buyer to this site. That way he can start learning how to fix his 20 year old truck just like the rest of us.
they sent you the money yet ? - if not, it's a scam

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