WTF does the sticker mean

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Feb 17, 2002
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Older F's had a sticker on the valve cover, I believe there was a 135 and a 155 version.

What did that number represent???

I am dubious about HP, that just does not seem right to me. But I could be wrong..
I've heard it was horsepower too...
"Max Horsepower SAE-Gross 155 HP @4000 RPM", according to the engine manual.
It is HP.

You wont see many of these in your travels :D


Proud to have the LEAST amount of HP in a Cruiser
I would have to assume yes..
Which manual Idave?
Mace said:
Which manual Idave?

In the F engine manual, first or second page of general information at the front.
My Suzuki GSXR1000 makes more HP than that. That's sick!
Funny, I keep hearing that a 2F make like 120 hp :D
it is funny that Toyota was proud of those numbers and they were significant enough to publish in marketing material. Times have changed!

Back then Jeeps were seriously underpowered ;)
Forget horsepower. It is all about low end torque.
Amen to the torque gods!!

Imagine the comparison of that 105hp to a jeep flathead...

I'll bet thats double of the old flat head 4!!

I've driven old flat fenders and while I love them, they are only fun for a little while.

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