wtb- rear bumper with tire carrier

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Apr 1, 2006
Dallas, TX
anyone have one for sale--- for 80 series

yep... thinking about having someone weld it for me... if I go that route... anyone in town have one?
I have a 4x4 labs that was shipped built. I LOVE it. Best bumper I have seen on an 80....of course I am a little biased since I bought one.
Yeah, Jason (JK Customs) does good work and can also weld up the 4x4Labs kit for you. Let me know if you do go that route. There's a couple of people here interested in doing a group buy/ship from 4x4Labs.

I think there are one or two 4x4Labs bumpers in town. Henry (Exiled) just got one for his 100 and it's pretty sweet.
If y'all do a group by let me know. Also, if we ask JK to ship the bumpers there, the shipping is less to a commercial address. If we pull the trigger, I'm going to have JK weld mine.
fyi, If yall do a group buy i would be interested...
OK, let's start a group buy bumper thread.
same here... I am in and already spoke to JK about welding them... He says it shouldnt take over 3 hours to do it all including cutting the cross member, welding and final install....

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