Wanted WTB OEM 16" Alloys

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Oct 1, 2006
Sandia Park, NM
United States
I've got a set of 4 coming to me in a few days so I don't need to buy anymore.

I just bought a '99 UZJ100 that came with some odd chromed aluminum aftermarket rims. I want to by the OEM 16" alloy wheels that should have come with the truck. They are the 5 lug on a 150 mm bolt circle. OEM has a 60mm offset but the wheels on my truck have only a 12 mm offset. so, my tires stick out 2" more than they should. I'm afraid to put any new 285/75R16 tires on those wheels because they might rub or bend the wheel arch or fender. Anybody got a set they want to sell for a reasonable price?
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mmmmm powdercoated
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Just sent payment for a set out of Austin. I think I'm good now. Thanks to everyone that helped.
It figures that a complete set of Tundra wheels (with tires) would become available 2 days after I'd closed the deal on some OEM alloys.

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