WTB: NICE condition '95 - '97 FZJ80 LandCruiser

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United States
Hey guys,

I'm in the market for a nice Cruiser to fit the following specs. I'm not in a hurry to buy, but I am ready to buy now, if available.

- 1995 - 1997 (want the dual airbags)
- Low miles (I'd say under 150K)
- VERY GOOD CONDITION (interior, exterior, and mechanical). A thing or two here & there isn't a big deal, but something needing a lot of TLC isn't what I'm looking for.
- Well maintained (maintenance records would be great)
- Clear title/no major accidents
- Third row seats
- Dual power seats w/ leather
- GRAY INTERIOR ONLY! (I CANNOT stand the tan interior) <--- THIS has been the hardest part of the search
- Any exterior color is ok EXCEPT white.

I think that's a pretty decent & specific list. Anything additional to this is a plus (lockers, heated seats, rear heat, wood trim, etc). If you have a Cruiser that fits what I'm looking for, and are interested in seeing it go to a GOOD home where it'll be taken care of, lemme know. I don't have any geographic restrictions (within the US), but I will obviously need a ton of pics prior to traveling to inspect the truck personally.

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Still lookin... And if you don't have one for sale, but know of one that fits what I'm lookin for, I'll happily provide a "Finder's Fee" if the deal goes through =-)
East Coast (DC/Baltimore/Philly area). But I have NO geographic restrictions. In fact, I prefer a truck from someplace warm & snow-free (eg. FL or Cali); they tend to be in better condition. Price range depends on the condition of the truck.
gnx7, I saw your ad a day or two actually. That's a nice truck, but I have enough project cars at the moment. Lookin for somethin clean, simple, and unmodified. Thanks though.

Oh and as for the gray interior, the seats are the easiest part. I can recover the seats too. It's the DASH that's a real problem. Then you have the steering wheel, panels, headliner, carpet, etc etc. Too much hassle.

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