Wanted WTB Jump Seat Cover's

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Mar 7, 2005
Dayton, TN
That is what I need... I can make some but I really want to stay original. 1973

Thanks in Advance.
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Well I assume long... The wife and one kid, got back there last night... It wasnt a single seat, on each side...

That would be Long right... on and D'Animal thanks for lead, and pics can be found in my ad, in the 40 section, which you posted.
Here is pic... Looks like it has been changed...

I thought the factory bar came down close to seat, and then down at the tail gate... This Roll Bar stays high, up to top...
73 White Cruiser. 2 JPG.jpg
That is a rare seat, it cust back at the front. I do not have that pattern, but I do offer the reproduction vinyl if you can find one pattern.


Shane, my inlaws work for a furniture manufactor... so getting upholstery work done is pretty easy, along with all the Foam I need... How much on vinyl.

We could trace the lines, cut a base, then they could run with the pattern... on there laser cutter.

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