Wanted WTB in the mid Atlantic: Black, Rust-free 98-99 LC

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Vehicle Model
  1. 100 Series
United States
I'm looking to purchase a Black 98 or 99 LC with the center and rear locking diffs. Budget is flexible depending on miles and condition. Bonus if it has the gold emblems/name, preference to 99s with rear air. LOOKING FOR ANYWHERE IN THE USA!!!

Non negotiables:
1. Black or Grey
2. No rust
3. 98-99 (for rear diff locker)
4. No water leaks
6. Looking to spend 8-10K TOPS. Don't come at me with your 15-20K trucks. I'm glad you invested so much in it but I want a basic, clean LC.

Thanks for looking
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Post in the Cali forum, any truck within a 5 hour drive of us is gonna have rust.
Rust free, They are out there. Imported from Southern states of course
I'd disagree. Southern states often have rust that the average buyer doesn't see. I've seen plenty of southern cruisers with southern history that look like they came from Minnesota.
I've been scouring autotrader, cars.com, cargurus and nothing turns up. The ones that do have been wrecked (some so severely, they have frame damage)
Finding the right vehicle takes time and patience. When the right one appears, act quickly but with good judgement.
Regardless of your Invaluable opinion...Disagree if u Must Muskhave, Southern states do offer a greater opportunity for us northern boys to acquire a prestigious example. Take for example Kalifornias Miramar Motorsports, Or on the East ... Kings Chariots. They usually have a in with getting trad in vehicles from dealers.
Now try looking North if you choose, Yet most are “Seasoned” from Winter salt. My vehicle is from Vegas-For a reason

Op take a look at those 2 dealerships, 1st better than 2nd. Yet they are pricey.... You will still need to research what they offer. Oh and Good luck, Seriously.
My man is looking for a unicorn on the East coast. It doesn't exist, i suggested searching over in Cali/Vegas area.
Plenty of people have bought it out west and drive it back, it's an adventure. If you're not willing to do that then you have to live with some rusty ones here. Locked 98-99 are rare, even more rare in black, even more rare without rust.
The two places I mentioned, deliver. Miramar Motorsports was approx $1800 from west to east coast.
There is a 98 on King’s chariots in Florida. Squeaky clean , Yet not Black. That’s 2 out of 3... You can always get it painted. Oh and it’s rear locked
I found a 99 locked LC in northern VA with surface rust last year. You can do it. I brought it to PA to destroy it with road salt though.

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