WTB: FZJ80 w/ Lockers in SLC, for $4000 impossible?

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United States
Hi All, I just sold my 4runner and am ready to move on up. I'm looking for a FZJ80 93' - 97' with factory lockers. I've got a $4000 budget go ahead from the :princess: so anyone in the Salt Lake area thinking about letting go of theirs? Can it be done for this price? Talk to me!
Oh, and great site, I've been reading up for the last week non stop and I have never wanted an 80 more...

Mark 801.722.five.three.two.four

FYI, I found one in Farmington, NM. Locked and Stock. Now the baselining begins.
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I think you can get a '93-'94 in decent condition if you're patient.

I imagine you've checked out the faq, so you should know what options are available for what years, etc...

And I'm sure you have, but if not, I'd keep my eyes on CL, KSL, Tribune, etc... for good deals locally(sp).

Good luck!!

Is this a good deal?

ksl.com - KSL Car Classifieds

I checked it out and it and the engine looks really clean. The transfer case is leaking a bit, but nothing leaking up front. No lockers and it's got a few cosmetic things like ps mirror and window.

Thanks in advance for the advice.
The 2nd one "appears" to have the lockers (the dial is there at least) and the price seems really good, but not sure about the 1st one.

I think it would be wise to set aside some $$$ for some basic maintenance work at least for a vehicle that old with high mileage and unknown vehicle/maintenance history.

If the :princess: will allow you to use additional fund for repairs/maintenance after getting a rig then you can use all of your $4000 on the vehicle. But otherwise I would not max out on your budget.

Just my $0.02!

Good luck!!

Thanks Mot,

My line of thinking is to use $4k on the initial purchase. Baselining, future mods and additions will fly under the radar under PM so the accountant won't throw a fit, especially once she see's how sweet the rig is.

I think I'll take your earlier advice and just sit on the cash until the right 80 comes up. Hey maybe it'll already be baselined and have the PHH, and axles rebuilt already! I just need to get one before winter, but it would be really nice to do some Cruisin' this summer.

Anyone looking to get out of an extra fzj they have lying around? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?
Yeah, but doesn't that get a little loose in the snow? It will be a DD in the winter months.
Found one for my asking price with lockers, 95 and blue.
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