Wanted WTB front end parts for a 1993 Cruiser

Jun 9, 2005
new jersey
my daughter just had a front end accident :crybaby: & i need some parts to put the cruiser back together.

looking for the following parts for a 1993 Cruiser (green . . . better)

[STRIKE]1. grille[/STRIKE]

[STRIKE]2. driver side headlights[/STRIKE]
(maybe passenger side too, it looks ok but i still have to check it)

3. the valance / body piece the runs across the front holding the signal lights

4. the body/metal piece that holds the hood latch
(between grille and radiator - vertical)

[STRIKE]5. the chrome plastic molding around both headlights[/STRIKE]

6. radiator - used good condition

7. hood (if i can pick up)

shipping cost to Mine Hill, NJ 07803

pm or email samo@njtrading.com

thanks and appreciate any help! :beer::beer:
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