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Mar 3, 2009
Montreal, Canada
United States
Hi guys !

Pretty simple, my friend wants to buy a car, FAST !

she's looking at either a FJ80 (toyota LC or lexus lx450 doesn't matter) or a 4runner (years 90 and up)

it has to be Marine blue color, or red, or grey (the colors are in order of preference)...

In the best condition possible, mechanical and esthetical

It has to be canadian, and we are located in eastern Canada (Quebec), so the closest it is, the better !

She told me she would check her budget tonight, so I will post that later, but she's looking for something VERY reliable and it's mostly for doing groceries lol

You can send me your offers by pm, or email at nick_2024@hotmail.com


p.s. forgot to say : needs sunroof and leather

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