Wanted WTB FJ80 16x8 OEM wheels

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Dec 8, 2005
Harford County, Maryland
United States

Looking for a set of FJ80 OEM wheels ( 16x8's)

Shoot me a PM or email me at HCFR11@hotmail.com

ThanX !!!
Tim/ROOFGOOF :cheers:
Bump for some OEM wheels ( I believe they are from 93 - 98, FJ 80's)

Shoot a PM or email at HCFR11@hotmail.com

Cheers! :beer:
there are two different wheels.
They both look the same.
Some have a rubber insert where the lugs go, others don't .

I amnot sure what years are what, but I believe the older 80s have the rubber and later models don't.
Which one is prefered? Does the rubber insert dry out over time? Which ones did you have Filthy?

Thanks....and still lookin'
not so much of one being better than another -- just make sure that all wheels match year wise.


each have their own type of lug nuts -- don't mix and match.

when you say set, do you mean 4 or 5 wheels?
Thanks for the info. At the momement I will take 4 wheels, but if the price is right I would take 5.

Mine are the older 15x8 BTW
Is there a difference between a FJ80 wheel and a FZJ80 wheel (1993-1997) ?

Thanks !!!
95 FZJ80 Alloy Wheels 16x8

I've got a set (of 4!). This thread is accurate and true, the lugs were different from '94 to '95. If you subscribe to newer is better, then '95's are it.

The set I have is a little rough, been sitting for awhile but I'm sure they'd clean up well. I'll PM you and give you some contact info.

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