WTB: FJ60 wheels and or 33' tires

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Aug 31, 2006
Mount Pleasant, SC
I finally broke down and bought a 2.5in lift for the 60 and i am now looking for four stock 60 wheels (going to paint black) and/or 33" mud/all terrain tires. let me know what you have, it can be a package deal or looking for tires and wheels seperatly thanks jason
If you use the stock 60 wheels you are going to be limited in tire size to either a 10.5" or 9.5" wide tire. I really like the look but some people like the wider tires. Just throwing that out there for your consideration.
have you found any YET????

I have 33x12.5x15 mickey thompson 300 miles or so 5 tires and
black rock crawlers wheels ....they were on fj40 when i brought
and i want to go to white spokes any intrest let me know...
mint cond..as new
will they fit you?
yea, i am going over there on sunday to take a look at what he has, and we place 2nd in the tournament! Its been along 2 day tournamnet.
Picked up the black wheels this afternoon along with a set of 16" wheels from a 4Runner with tires and a set of 33" tires. Hopefully i can put a set together for the 60 and i am ready to get the lift on.

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