WTB: FJ40 S. Central Washington

United States
Looking for quality cruiser in excellent mechanical and good cosmetic condition for under $10K. Colors not important, but no cancerous rust.

Welcome modifications that are done right.

Experienced buyer knows what to expect so be accurate in your description and pricing.
Jul 14, 2003
Cash in Hand! WTB: FJ40 S. Central Washington

Tell you what I got. 1981/ ps,fact hubs,fact carpet with 22,800 original milles. Not one drop of rust!!!! This truck was in storage for 17 yrs. Absolutley mint frame, strong motor. It'll run 70 all day long. I've known about this truck since it was born. At present seat covers are from 4-runner (fact underneath) and are covered in leather. New headliner. CD player with only 2 speakers. THIS TRUCK IS DESMOGGED. Was on a ranch in Wimberly TX. I've owned it for almost 5 yrs. When purchased the original miles were at 1,780. I'm not too motivated to sell it but it is my sons and he wants a Tundra. I wish I could afford to keep it and get him a truck but that's the way it is. It will be on E-Bay next week with a res of 14,500. I will take 14,000 on an early sell. Truck is in Houston,Tx and can be driven anywhere. Ex rubber,fresh oil chg, A pristine truck. I also have a 81 of my own and would love to keep his and sell mine but just can't do that to him. If interested you can call me Roy Evans 281-530-9749 and will ask any questions. Clean Tx Blue title. Truck is the Tan color. You may also e-mail me roybige130@aol.com

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