Wanted WTB FJ40 OEM Soft top rear hoop

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Jan 18, 2008
Lehi, Utah
United States
I just purchased a 1963 FJ40 with a factory soft top. It has all parts to the top frame except it is missing the rear hoop. I would really like to make it complete so that I can purchase a paki top. Just hoping that some one has an incomplete set and might be willing to help me make mine complete. I can trade parts too. I have parts to a 65'. Let me know what you want. Thanks!!!!
Post up a picture of your 63. Curious which door opening it has. All the 63 soft tops I've seen have a different door opening. The Paki top will not fit these cruisers. At one point we were trying to get them made but it still hasn't happen. If you do have the early style soft top I think the rear bow from the later ones is real close to the early ones. I can compare them if you like?
x2 what is the door opening like...if its like the bottom pic...you can just order one from Ehsan with your canvas.

like the top pic or bottom pic?
Ok here are a couple pics. One of the PO's must have been a tin man. The top is home made. I was excited to discover that the bows (minus the rear) were in tact. My first project will be reversing the PO's beautiful work.:)
a few more

The doors have sheet metal rivited to them as well. Im curious since i have never seen a soft door, how the canvas is attached?

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