WTB Crank pulley/dampner

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Mar 5, 2008
Livonia Michigan
United States
i have a 78 2f im looking for a crankshaft pulley and dampner located in farmington hills mi . Thank
2 or 3 row? I have a 2 row that came off a 74 1.5F.
2 row, are you sure the pulley from a 74 is the same as a 78? if so, how much you looking to get for it shipped to 48331? thanks
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No, I'm not sure. It is a press on type similar to my fj60 pulleys. But I do not think that 40's came with power steering in 74, so this pulley must have been swaped on the engine from a later model to run a ps pump.
yea mine dosent have ps or a/c it has a smog pump and the alt. do you have a picture i could compare mine 2? thanks
It is the pulley on the right. The front groove is a bit narrower then the rear one. I also have the nut for it.

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