WTB 97 LX or LC in NC

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United States
All right, I am tired of lurking here shopping for a truck. Looking to buy a 97 LX450, or possibly LC. First color preference is green. Colors to avoid are white and black. Gold packages are a big turn off as well. Mileage under 150 k, with tan interior. I do not care about lockers. CDL would be nice, but not a requirement. Needs to be a clean, stock, family hauler.

Oh yeah, located in NC, preferably around Raleigh.

If you have such a vehicle, or know of one, please email me: schniper@bellsouth.net

Anyone out there with a truck to sell?
Try the ONSC board there are quite a few in raleigh up that way...... Did you buy back your wrecked cruiser or did it go to a parts yard??

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