Wanted WTB 64 FJ45 parts

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Sep 6, 2021
storrs, ct
United States


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trans. tunnel cover, 3 speed column, also driver running board, pair of cab mounts that go under seats. look like large letter X and spot welded to tub., mid section of bed floor, are these unique to the PU, seems this way. thank you in advance.
Are you looking for the 3speed column
shifter linkage ?
I have them.
My 64 swb has long running boards. Do you have a picture of your right running board? Also a picture of your rocker panel would help that way we could see what was mounted there before.
All removable top 45’s got the long running boards. The 63,64 short fixed cab got the short ones.
I have an unmolested transmission tunnel cover from a 64FJ45. Not sure if I want to part with it. IF I did, it would be on my usual terms: as ‘bait’ to help close a deal on a large sale of more routine parts.

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