Wanted WTB 2008-2017 Landcruiser $500 finders fee paid. AMAZON GREEN WANTED.

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Vehicle Model
  1. 200 Series
United States
I just sold my 2013 fj cruiser trail teams last night so I am in the market for a 2008 to 2017 Landcruiser. Modded or not. Looking for that soccer mom car. Prefer areas that have low rust and that has been maintained. If you refer me one that I end up buying I will paypal you $500. I am in utah budget is 25-50k. Would love a amazon green or other rare colors but will consider anything. I am in utah, can fly in and drive in or arrange transport. PM me if you know of anyone selling. Will make it an easy transaction.

Amazon green is my #1 choice

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Amazon Green = 2008-2015

They want all the money for that truck, that is for sure!

Man, 30k for a 12 year old truck with 175,000 on it. The market is strong.

What years did they make Amazon Green?

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