Wanted WTB 2000-2007 LC100 or LX470 Budget 15k Cash. Minimal Rust < 150k miles (1 Viewer)

May 16, 2020
New York
Vehicle Model
  1. 100 Series
  2. LX470
New York, United States
Budget: 10-15k in Cash for the right 100 series/lx. Am not desperate but also am not trying to fish out a steal of a lifetime.

Prefer southern cruiser/lx with no rust, less than 150k miles.
Prefer 5 spd over 4 spd but I understand the tight budget limitations for a 5 spd so will consider 4spd as well (< 03).
If lx, please no AHC.

Can go up to 15k depending on condition and maintenance. Excuse me for my duplicate post. Am not a flipper, am not trying to scrape a deal. I'm willing to pay fair price for a long lasting car.

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