Wanted WTB 2-row crank pulley for an F

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Feb 9, 2005
I need a 2-row crank pulley/harmonic balancer for a '71 F engine, must be bolt-on type. I need it for my PS conversion. E-mail is best, bordeleaufj55@yahoo.com
Hold off on the crank pulley offers for now, guys. My brain can only solve one problem at a time, and I think I have a bastard WP and/or WP pulley that's going to get me in trouble, wouldn't line up with a 2-row crank pulley if I cried my eyes out.

I will post pics soon to get some opinions.

Please clarify, brew8: What spacer and what nose? Could be my problem...
Here is the picture with the crank pully the wp pully and the spacer that goes inside the pully nose, HTH Larry
pully stuffresize.JPG
That's the package deal you need right there brider. And chances are Larry's gonna let that go for a very fair price.



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