WTB: 1996-1999 TLC in San Francisco Bay Area

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United States
I am looking for a very well maintained and clean vehicle with no major issues and clean title. Around 90k-120k miles preferred. Lockers nice but not required. I don't need a hard core built up truck although a mild build is ok. I do need 3rd row seats and tow package. Stock is fine. I'd like it to be a California truck not out of state. This is meant to be a family 4x4 camping truck. I have cash in hand and ready to buy. Let me know what you got. Thanks.
I check CL many times a day. Most LC's I see there are either more than I want to spend or have too many miles or condition issues. There was a nice one from Berkeley that sold here a few days ago but that one was never posted on CL. It was posted here but I missed it:bang: I looked at a LC in San Francisco today, a 97 with 150k miles for $9k. No lockers. Not a bad truck but not clean enough for $9k IMHO. Steering knuckles looked like they needed a rebuild. And it had been keyed a few weeks ago. And it had more miles than I want.

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