Wanted Wtb 1985 Toyota Truck Front Axle

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Apr 26, 2005
United States
Want Front Axle From 1985 Toyota Truck/4 Runner For Sas.
I'm In Austin Texas 78745
I'm in Waco and gave up looking for a front axle. Did locate one pretty close to you at Harold's #1 wrecking yard. I believe they wanted around $350-400. A little pricey if you ask me. You might be able to haggle. Theres also one offered here on the board in East Tx also. Hope this helps.
i'm going to the round up, i would prefer a 1985 axle though-anybody?
I might be able to get you a 79 axles as well. Whats the diff if yo udont mind me asking?
I've got some kind of Mini truck axle, how can I tell if it's an 85 or not?? If it'll work, I'll be coming to Austin in about three weeks.
sold ifs truck and bought 1985 4runner. please remove thread.

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