SOLD WTB 100 Series Factory Roof rack Cross bar (crossbar)

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Jun 13, 2014
Cedar Park, TX
Looking for one or two factory oem crossbars, from the roof rack, for a 100 series - preferably close in year to my 2006 (not sure if it matters among the 100 series)

Cross bar
100 series

*************Found cross bars - no longer needed/looking**************
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I just installed a frontrunner roof rack on my 100 yesterday. I live in Southern California. Let me know if ur interested in the OEM rack. It’s off a 2000 lc
The OEM part I found online actually said it fit 2003-2007, I am assuming that means there was a change from the 1998-2002 bar. So unfortunately I am not sure yours would work, but I appreciate the offer.

I'm in central Texas and I'm not sure how easy these are to ship - long but fairly light. I should have posted location.
I have two crossbars from my 2004 LC after installing a BowFin rack. Are you in North Texas often? contact:
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I actually bought some used crossbars last year, through someone on here. Never came back and updated this - my apologies and thanks for the offers!

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