WTB 100 Less than 20K in SE

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United States
WTB 100 or LX 470 Less than 20K in SE

Like title says, Would like one already fixed for light offroad or expedition/camping travel but is not a must.

Must have less or close to 100k. If right at 100K the Timing Belt, water pump, and drive belt etc needs to be already done.

Let me know what you got, and where... Willing to travel for the right ride, and right price.

Already own a 98 just looking to replace or add another to the family.
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Bump, will be traveling thru NC and SC this coming weekend... Could stop by and look at anyones.
2000 black 63k one owner $19000 It is located in Knoxville. PM if you might be interested.
2000 silver, 201K, 3rd owner, clean, $13,000 in Knoxville, PM if interested
Desmo, I know the one you are talking about saw it last night on Autotrader...

Blemarr you just got that one, I saw it on Golsn... too... Cant blame you for trying to make a buck though...

Guys I have a 98 Now... Just looking to ad one to the team, and let the wife take the newer one, and me take the older one.

Anyone else?
Wow the market is tuff... Everything is over priced or just no one thinks anyone has money to buy.
That lexus is a nice looking rig but was advertised for the first week at $16,900.
Thanks I have called on both you sent me... I search craigslist... just not that far out... Thanks

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