Wrenching weekend before cailco? (1 Viewer)

Mar 11, 2007
Corcoran Ca
Im sure Im not the only one who needs to do a few things before calico anyone down to have one before the run?

As you all know i need wiring,tune carb, just odds and in's:hmm:

Jrome all do your fenders you do my wires. ;p


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Mar 31, 2006
Central California
I think the easiest for you wiring is to get FJeromes, Jerz4x4, and maybe Hudyhue rig together. It will be easier to track everything and run ohm checks on everything with other vehicles there.

My drive way? Unless Dan want to host one He's such a geat guy Hansom to ...lol
FJeromes and Jerx4x4 has the V-8. I think one or both have chevy steering columns so that will be a little different than yours. HudyHues is stock so it will be easy to trace what is left of the original wiring.

You could do it at the hanger, if the boss says it's OK. With the guys mentioned here involved it would be a long morning or long afternoon project.

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